Philips Air Purifier Model No. AC4025
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Philips Air Purifier Model No. AC4025

Philips Air Purifier Model No. AC4025

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Product Code: Philips Air Purifier Model No. AC4025
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What is an air purifier?

An air purifier or air cleaner is a device which removes contaminants from the air in a room. These devices are commonly used as being beneficial to allergy sufferers and asthmatics, and at reducing or eliminating second-hand tobacco smoke.

How does an air purifier work?

Room air conditioner filters only capture particles 10.0 microns or larger. HEPA filters remove smaller allergens like dust, smoke, chemicals, asbestos, pollen, and pet dander. The more times the air passes through the HEPA filter, the cleaner the air becomes.

Can air purifiers remove dust?

Run an air purifier for dust. The best air purifier for dust on the market utilizes HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters. Effective HEPA filters can remove up to 99.97% of airborne particles, helping you effectively control and reduce dust inside your home.

What are the benefits of an air purifier?

Air purifiers are appliances that aid in removing pollutants from air. They are very helpful devices for people who suffer from asthma or allergies. HEPA filters can clear the air of dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke and almost all pollutants present in the air.

The air outdoor is so polluted, how much of a difference can an indoor air purifier make?

On an average, we spend close to 80% of our time indoors (home, office, etc.) children and babies spend even more time indoors. With an air purifier, you can control the quality of air indoors and protect your family, and it is indoor air which is more polluted than outdoor air as per data sources.

Can you run the air purifier throughout the day?

You can. The power consumption is very low, so long usage doesn’t cause a heavy impact on electricity bill. As compared to an AC which consumes 2000w power, an air purifier consumes 1/40th of it (~50W). So power consumption per hour of an AC is equivalent to 40 hours of power consumption by an air purifier. The filter life is dependent on usage/quality of air and that should be kept in mind.

How long do the filters last?

Filter life is proportional to the pollutant holding capacity and the pollution level in your surroundings. TRUE HEPA filter has high capacity, thus the long filter life. A filter will last longer in a relatively cleaner area. In general , filters last for 12-18 months with 6-8 hours daily average usage.

Does CADR vary with fan speed?

CADR is specified for the highest speed setting. But users will often use lower settings to reduce noise, and this can reduce the efficiency of an air purifier.

What should be the required CADR for my room?

AHAM recommends a “two-thirds” rule when it comes to the first rating. “you will always want a unit with a tobacco smoke CADR at least two third your room’s area. Example if your room is 420 square feet in area, buy an air purifier with atleast a CADR of 2/3*420= 280m cube per hour.

Many air purifiers have a HEPA filter. How to differentiate?

There are a lot of air purifiers out there which are advertised as having HEPA filters, but actually don’t. Usually these are disguised as having HEPA-like filters, and don’t meet strict HEPA standards.

What other features may i look into before buying an air purifier?

Features like caster wheels, handles for easy mobility, digital controls, remote controls, timer settings, multiple fan speeds may be additional features which one can look for while buying air purifiers.

What are the differences between an air purifier and humidifier?

Air purifiers are used to clean indoor air, but do not optimize humidity levels. They remove particles, dust, and smoke from the air, as well as allergic substances like animal dander and pollen. Humidifiers increase the humidity level by distributing water into dry air.

I want cleaner air, so i will need an air purifier. However, i am still not sure if i should get a humidifier.

Dry air may cause chapped skin, contribute to respiratory problems, increase static electricity, and cause wooden furniture to crack. Humidifiers help to optimize the humidity level of indoor air to reduce the level of dryness in the air within your home.

I want the benefits of a humidifier, but my house does not have space for both appliances.

You may consider a 2-in-1 solution commonly known as a Combi; such an appliance combines the functions of an air purifier and a humidifier.


Philips AC4025 Air Purifier consists of highly advanced and efficient features, which ensures that you breathe healthy and pure air when at home or at office. With the increasing pollution, the air purifiers are highly demanded. Wearing an attractive and elegant design, this advanced air purifier comes with innumerable user-friendly features.

With 1.8 m long cord, this air purifier by Philips consists of Healthy Air Protect Alert that tells you when the filter needs to be changed. It comes with sleep mode option, where the purifier switches to the lower activity level. It makes less noise but results in an efficient performance. Therefore, it ensures that you get a sound sleep along with a healthy ambience. Furthermore, you can also customise the speed of the fan in this purifier, according to the requirement. Thanks to the 3 step fan speed feature of this air purifier by Philips.

Another paramount feature is the Easy-to-Set Timer, which further adds to the user-friendly features of this highly efficient purifier by Philips. In addition to this, it also incorporates the Advanced Filtration System that results in 2 stage filtration, ensuring the delivery of fresh and pure air in your house or office. Made with the ABS plastic material, this air purifier by Philips comes along with 1 year Philips India warranty.


Silent & Efficient Operation

Philips AC4025 Air Purifier results in a silent and efficient operation. When in Sleep Mode, the purifier switches to lower activity level, reduced fan speed and reduced noise level respectively. In the Sleep Mode, this air purifier by Philips also results in minimised energy consumption. It operates at only 36 dB. However, when the fan runs at the highest speed settings, the purifier operates at 54 dB but even then it ensures a silent operation.

Healthy Air Protect Alert

Philips AC4025 Air Purifier ensures that you always get fresh air to breathe. This highly advanced Healthy Air Protect Alert tells you when there is a need to change the filter of this air purifier. The Healthy Air Protect Alert stops this appliance from functioning, if the filter is not changed on time. 

3 Step Fan Speed

This air purifier by Philips also consist 3 step fan speed, which enables you in customising the speed of the fan. The 3 step fan speed lets you set the air flow of the fan according to the need. It adds to the user-friendly features of this air purifier by Philips. 

1/4/8 Hours Easy-to-Set Timer

Philips AC4025 Air Purifier comes with easy-to-set timer, which further adds to the convenient usage of air purifier. You can set the time for 1 hour, 4 hours and 8 hours respectively. This home appliance by Philips automatically turns-off, once it completes the set hours. Therefore, the easy-to-set timer feature makes the AC4025/00 energy and cost efficient.  

Advanced Filtration System

With advanced filtration system, the advanced Philips AC4025 Air Purifier ensures the completely pure and healthy air supply into your house. This air purifier by Philips eliminates the impurities from the air in two separate stages. In the first stage, the advanced carbon filter works as a pre-filter. The big particles like human hair and dust in the house are caught by this advanced carbon filter. In addition to this, it also eliminates the harmful gases and odours, so that you can breathe fresh air.

In the second stage, this highly efficient air purifier by Philips uses the HEPA filter that significantly eliminates the harmful bacteria, allergens and the fine dust and therefore gives you a fresh environment at your house and at office.

The advanced filtration system, therefore, removes the CADR (Cigarette Smoke) at 147 cubic metres per hour. Moreover, it filters out the PM2.5 at the removal rate of 99 per cent and the bacteria at the removal rate of 99.9 per cent.   

Long Cord for Convenient Usage

Philips AC4025 Air Purifier comes with a long 1.8 m cord that helps in convenient usage of the air purifier. With such a long cord, you can plug-in this air purifier by Philips in any corner of your house.   

Rust Proof ABS Plastic Body

The outer body of Philips AC4025 Air Purifier has been made up of the high grade ABS plastic, which is non-breakable and provides a long life to this air purifier by Philips. The high quality also provides protection to the purifier’s body against rusting and corrosion. Apart from this, the ABS plastic material also adds a smooth surface to the body of this air purifier, so that it remains shining for long years and also adapts well to the beautiful interiors of your home.    

2 Year Philips India Warranty

Now you can instantly order Philips AC4025 Air Purifier online at It is the India’s largest online marketplace that provides you this highly efficient air purifier at its best price available online. In addition to this, also offers 2 year Philips India warranty on this product. The warranty ensures complete protection of the air purifier by Philips against any sort of defect in its manufacturing. In any such cases, you can always contact to your nearest service centre authorised by Philips. The company, within the warranty period, will repair or replace the air purifier or its parts without charging any extra amount.  

About Philips

Founded in the year 1891, Philips majorly deals in the manufacturing of Healthcare, Consumer Lifestyle and Lighting products. It is one of the largest electronics companies in the world. Headquartered in Amsterdam, Philips is a very well recognized brand across the globe and has been perpetually producing products to enhance the customer’s lifestyle. 


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