Nidek Nuvo Lite Oxygen Concentrator
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Nidek Nuvo Lite Oxygen Concentrator

Nidek Nuvo Lite Oxygen Concentrator

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Nidek Nuvo Lite Oxygen Concentrator 

The concentrator has a compact design and comes with a lockable flow-control valve that controls the amount of gas flowing in and out of the concentrator in a range of 0.125 to 5 litres per minute

The concentrator works on simple pressure swing adsorption. Nitrogen is adsorbed or accumulated from the air by zeolite materials present in concentrator, which then release pure oxygen from the outlet.

The design provides you direct access to the concentrator’s air inlet filter, electronic hour meter and alarm battery and the process of adsorption reaches full purity within 3 minutes.

The two fitted cylinders work in a timed cycle and the moment the first cylinder gets saturated, second one overtakes. A self operating alarm system in the concentrator keeps a track of the pressure and release

Features :

Economical - Low power consumption of 290 W

Reaches full purity in less than 3 minutes

Highly efficient compressor

Easy to use and maintain

Flow Delivery Rate: 5 lpm

Sound Level: 40 decibels

Power Source: AC/DC Adapter

Battery Life (Measurements): 300​

Additional Features


Current Overload Alarm or Line Search Shutdown:Yes

High Pressure/low Pressure: Yes

Low Battery Test: Yes

Portability: Yes

Positioning: Vertical

Power Failure Alarm: Yes

Process Failure Alarm: Yes

Thermal Switch: Yes

Warranty: 2 year Manufacturer's Warranty

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