Nidek Nuvo 10
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Nidek Nuvo 10

Nidek Nuvo 10 lpm Oxygen Concentrator

Price: Rs.108,000 Rs.105,000
Brand: Nidek
Product Code: Nidek Nucvo 10 lpm
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The strongest member of the Nuvo family, the Nuvo 10® provides large flow rates at high pressures, giving you expanded opportunities to provide for your patients. 


  • Oxygen Concentration Status Indicator comes standard with the 585 model.
  • Patented RPSA Technology.
  • Patented maintenance free rotary poppet valve.
  • Superior grade of molecular sieve.
  • Exclusive moisture reducing wick assembly.
  • Reinforced base substructure and recessed casters to guard against breakage.
  • Spring mounted high efficiency Thomas Nexus Compressor.

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