Forehead Pad For TrueBlue Nasal Mask
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Forehead Pad For TrueBlue Nasal Mask

Forehead pad for True Blue nasal mask

Price: Rs.2,000 Rs.1,800
Brand: Philips Respironics
Product Code: TrueBlue Forehead Pad
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The forehead pad has three soft gel cushions to evenly distribute pressure to provide a more comfortable experience. The forehead pad easily attaches to the forehead support bracket. Make sure to line the bracket tabs up with the white of the gel pad before pressing into place.

Durable Pad

While most forehead pads will need routine replacement, the gel in the TrueBlue Nasal Mask is durable, and should endure for several months of regular usage.

Attaches Easily

The forehead pad attaches to the support bracket near the top of the mask's headgear. The pad can be configured easily by simply pressing the gel into the bracket tabs at the appropriate angle.

Key Features :

Comfortable Gel

Aesthetic Blue

Long Lasting Durability

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