Philips COMFORT GEL BLUE Full Face Mask
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Philips COMFORT GEL BLUE Full Face Mask

Philips COMFORT GEL BLUE Full Face Mask

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Brand: Philips Respironics
Product Code: Philips Respironics -COMFORT GEL BLUE Full Face Mask
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How should i care for my mask?

Masks should be washed daily with warm water and gentle soap or baby shampoo. Let the mask air dry. Never use antibacterial soap as it will break down the silicone of the mask cushion. Avoid soaps that include lotion which can coat the mask and cause it to lose its seal.

How can i find replacement parts for my CPAP mask?

Replacements parts such as: mask cushions, headgear, headgear clips, and others are available for many masks.

For more information on masks and online order check our website :

What causes mask leaks?

Air leaks can be caused by masks that are too big, too old, or simply the wrong style.

Air leaking into the eyes is usually an indication that the mask is too big (long or wide) as are leaks at the base of the nose. Leaks may also occur under the nose due to facial hair.

How do I know if the mask I want will work with my machine?

All of the masks are standardized so that any mask will connect with any machine.

I need replacement parts for CPAP masks and machines; can I buy them from Medikart?

We offer CPAP mask, CPAP machine packages as well as CPAP parts and accessories for your existing CPAP equipment.

I purchased a mask from you and it does not fit. Can I exchange it for another size?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept the return of any mask that has been opened. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has imposed strict guidelines regarding cross-contamination of medical equipment, and the resale of used masks is prohibited. Once a mask is removed from its original packaging, it is considered to be "used" by the FDA

Does nasal mask works with BIPAP machine?

Yes, a BIPAP user can use nasal mask if he or she has Claustrophobia.

Full Face Comfort Gel Mask 

ComfortGel Full is a first-class upgrade for your patients who need a full-face mask. When you consider the comfort benefits, its replaceable cushion design and our approach to cushion resupply, our ComfortGel Full mask will surely be a best-in-class fit for you as well.

Exhalation Ports and Elbow :

The micro exhalation ports of the ComfortGel Blue Full Face Mask reduce the operation sound. The angle of the ports direct air away from the CPAP user and partner. With a 360 degree swivel connection, the elbow allows for movement during sleep and the hose may pass over the head or down and across the chest.

Forehead Adjustment and Pad :

The proven comfort of the Premium Forehead Pad is used with the ComfortGel Blue Full Face Mask to enhance the fit. The stability selector located between the forehead pad support and mask adjusts easily allowing users to find the best fit.


System One Resistance Control Number :

Philips Respironics developed System One Resistance Control to provide the best pressure for therapy by considering the mask. Each mask is numbered to indicate the resistance of the mask. If using a PR System One machine, such as the PR System One 60 Series Auto and Heated Tube, the number is entered at the time of set up and the delivered pressure is adjusted for the mask

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