Oxygen Humidifier Bottle
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Oxygen Humidifier Bottle

Oxygen Humidifier bottle

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When do i need to use a humidifier bottle?

The purpose of humidification is to provide moisture which makes Oxygen therapy comfortable; if not used, can cause dryness in airways of nose and throat. Usually, use of humidifier is recommended in continuous flow of more than 3 LPM.

What is an oxygen humidifier?

An oxygen humidifier is a plastic bottle that attached between the oxygen concentrator and supply tube going to the end user. It adds moisture to the oxygen breathed by the end user.

Can i use humidifier bottle when the portable oxygen concentrator machine is in pulse mode?

Do not use the humidifier bottle while the device is in pulse mode.

How do i care for my humidifier?

To care for your humidifier simply empty and clean the water tank each morning. Only distilled water should be used in the humidifier to avoid mineral deposit build up.

Which things should i keep in mind while using humidifier bottle?

a. Only fill to the maximum level marked on the bottle. Filling above this level may cause water to be pushed into the concentrator, causing damage to the unit.

b. It is recommended to use RO water wherever possible as this prevents potential mineral build up occurring if using tap water.

c. Always check the water level through the day and refill if the level falls below the minimum level marked on the bottle.

d. Empty the bottle daily. Wash the lid and bottle using a mild detergent, rinse thoroughly and either dry with a clean cloth, or air dry.

e. Refill with RO water.

A humidifier bottle attached to an in-home concentrator moistens the air. The oxygen passes through water before coming out of the concentrator and being breathed in via either a mask or nasal cannula.

The main purpose of this bottle is to maintain the humidity in the nostrils of person using.

As the oxygen coming out of the machine is dry in nature and nostrils get dry without using the humidifier. So to avoid this the oxygen is passed through the water in the bottle in the bubble form and comes out of through oxygen pipe.

There is a minimum and maximum level marking on the bottle. Water level shall be maintained below the maximum level and at an optimum level.

If one pours more water then there is a chance of water coming out of the bottle and flows through the oxygen pipe. So at lower flow rates one can pour maximum level and at high flow rates less level of water is maintained. Generally mineral water is preferred. If normal water is is used there may be scaling formation in the bottle and pipe may blocked for the flow of oxygen. So cleaning shall be done whenever scaling occurs.

Check the water content before using the concentrator and nut shall be tightened to avoid leakage of Oxygen gas.

Precaution: Oxygen concentrator shall not be pulled by the Oxygen pipe attached as it may damage the nut of the humidifier bottle.

Keep one additional Humidifier bottle to avoid the inconvenience to the person using for uninterrupted supply of oxygen

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