About Us

Medikart Healthcare Systems Pvt. Ltd was set-up with the aim of providing world class Homecare Medical Equipment and service to the Patients in India. Medikart is promoted by a group of professionals having extensive Techno Marketing experience in the medical equipment arena , IT, Software and Consumer products.
Promoters of Medikart, with their impressive technical expertise in Software technology for medical field, encourages them to serve the society with comprehensive product solutions in healthcare while developing a B2B Portal as an informative platform for Medical practitioners and Professional Modern marketing channels related to this field.
We have over 22 years of collective experience managing a similar business. Anticipating better prospects in Modern marketing channels, Our team took an initiative by establishing Medikart.
Medikart Healthcare & Systems Pvt. Ltd will assist Doctors, Channels, Modern Marketing Channels and Patients suffering from Respiratory, Orthopaedic, Diabetic related health issuesd. Medikart Healthcare Systems is in the business of providing - HealthCare for Patients at Home, Monitoring Devices, Hospital Products, Leasing Medical Equipments .The company has introduced a unique way to optimize and improve outcomes for patients, physicians and hospitals. We would act as a vital link between the hospitals and patients to ensure innovative and affordable healthcare solutions .Our Company is promoting medical equipments and Soho/OTC range through an B2B E-commerce website. And we have a professional sales & service team to generate revenues through offline/traditional way of marketing medical devices.
Our Mission and Objective
To provide cost effiective and comprehensive Medical solutions for patients.
To achieve highest degree of co-ordination among Medical practitioners and patients.
To develop complete education Programmes for users and those who care for them.
To provide latest technology to patients with hands on learning for them.